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It All Started With A Vision

A seed of inspiration led to the inception of Balcony 7 Media and Publishing, at the beginning of 2012. An original concept sprouted into a budding cartoon franchise that became our debut genre, now comprised of five titles in multiple formats, with infinite potential, and a global reach.

Originality is expected from entrepreneurs. That is who we are. Our ability to visualize the potential in original content is now targeting new genres, for older children, young adults, and adults, with thought-provoking, unique works of fiction and non-fiction.

The past two years have seen their share of challenges, successes, and going back to the drawing board. Publishing, like many industries, is complex, dynamic and requires a period of patience and diligence in advance of its rewards. Our team traveled down an interesting learning curve to finally arrive at this point.

We have paid our dues, and have learned important lessons. We have made strong alliances, and have forged valuable connections. These experiences, when added to the decades already under our collective belt, in a variety of other fields, leave us with honed instincts, ready to move to a higher plateau of growth. What we accomplished with our seed project now becomes a blueprint to expand our content library.

Although not all titles have the potential to become series-based works like our seed project, we are confident in our ability to maximize the potential of quality content that comes our way, with a variety of upcoming authors, for the enjoyment of readers, booksellers, schools and librarians.

Welcome to our Home Page. Please scroll down and allow us to introduce ourselves. Learn more about how we are realizing our vision to produce original content that adds value to the world.

~ The Balcony 7 Team

A Coming-of-Age Novel for Preteens With Crossover Potential to Young Adult

5-STAR Foreword Review: Bittersweet, Ridiculous, Reality.

Bingham should be commended for managing to address life’s harsh realities within a comic tale sometimes so ridiculous that piranhas dine on s’mores. But what really stands out is the author’s knack for conveying an authentic preteen voice. Piranhas Like S’mores will strike a chord with all readers.

Foreword Review

5 star rating


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“Love Piranhas? Not as hard as it sounds with this ‘tween adventure that takes a tasty bite out of real emotions to learn from and live by. A great ride.”

John Wilder, Award-Winning Screenwriter, Producer, Director (Centennial, Spenser for Hire & more)

On Sale 10.01.14 | Order Now | More Info

Ingram Publisher Services: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, China, Europe | Mackin | Overdrive

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Suggested Retail:  $12.95 Softcover | $16.95 Hardcover | eBook $5.95 | ISBN 978-1-939454-26-3 

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Consumers: Balcony 7 titles are available in Hardcover, Softcover and Ebook formats.


Print and Ebooks Available At All Online Retailers (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil and more).

Help Spread The Word by visiting your neighborhood bookstore and asking for our titles. If they’re not in stock, they can be ordered and received in a matter of  days.

5-STAR Review: Riveting, Clever, Superbly Packaged

For once, judging a book by its cover will serve teachers, students, and parents well. Channel Blue will undoubtedly stand out on any bookshelf, and once cracked open, it will likely become a favorite at group story times or in the hands of a young beginner reader.

Foreword Review *****

5 star rating

5 Star Review

Foreword Review of Channel Blue, Riders of the Storm


Heirloom Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-939454-07-2

Ebook Available Soon

Suggested Retail $16.95 | Global Distribution

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Animation Short Coming 2015

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In an industry crowded with choices, Balcony 7 strives to become a consistent curator of quality titles, branded with a signature promise of originality, relevance, and integrity.

Our goal is to curate quality content, and zero-in on titles and authors who have what it takes to capture hearts and minds with their words and their creativity. Scroll down to learn more about the types of works we are currently considering.

Our team is a lean and focused group, with decades of experience and skill in the most important aspects of business and relationships. We listen and we respond. We are purpose-driven and goal-oriented. We set high standards for quality and utilize a discerning eye to gage marketability and potential.

Balcony 7  is a passionate group, united in its dedication toward making our publishing company a quality contributor of titles that are relevant to you: the reader, the bookseller, the librarian, and other industry participants.



Architects Of Original Content

Creating original content is serious work. Our team includes creative contributors who have the leadership ability to shape and nurture potential titles, from conception throughout the many stages of development, production, and execution. The ability to effectively lead with a hands-on approach sets Balcony 7 apart from other publishers who may be too large, or simply not willing, to go this extra mile.

As evidenced in our debut genre of juvenile fiction, the Salty Splashes franchise became a substantial collaborative effort between author, publisher, and illustrator. Countless hours of creativity and content creation were invested in building this cartoon brand; all the while, led by the publisher who took the helm as creative director.

Strong leadership means making tough choices. The publisher’s sharp instincts have already formulated shifting strategies in the continuing development of Salty Splashes, resulting in content improvement and production efficiencies implemented in new releases for 2014.

The result is a fresh source of children’s literature, now ready for global rights and animated adaptations. Read the story behind our original cartoon franchise, and you may learn to appreciate how much effort goes into making something that is so easy on the eyes.

New genres and new authors will also benefit from our abilities to direct and enhance original content with our signature style and our discerning eye for branding. Meet our creative team on our About page.

Leadership at Balcony 7 means taking ownership of the works we deem worthy. This translates into original content that is handcrafted to withstand the test of time.

Global Reach


The World Is Our Audience

Global opportunities begin with solid distribution and worldwide representation. For details on our distribution partners, please visit our Trade page.

Balcony 7 titles are distributed by Ingram Publisher Services, Mackin, Overdrive and Ingram CoreSource. Audio products are distributed by Overdrive, Blackstone Audio. This firm foundation for print, digital, and audio versions allows maximum reach between publisher and interested parties, allowing the team to concentrate on what we do best: content creation.

Licensing rights for translations, international sales, film and television adaptations, are handled through our representatives at Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency, who showcase Balcony 7 titles to a global audience at international and domestic trade shows, and through other exclusive or proprietary channels.

Balcony 7 titles are chosen for their timelessness, originality, and relevance, no matter the age of our target audience. With this criteria in place, we may solidify our role as contributors of original content that spans borders, cultures, and languages.




New Genres, New Authors

Our team is currently eyeing a variety of genres, including fiction and non-fiction. Initially through an invitation-only program, we hope to welcome new authors to the Balcony 7 family. A formal author-submission program will begin sometime in 2015.

Here are some upcoming genres currently on our radar:

  • Adult Fiction: Drama, Humor, Mystery, Historical, Espionage
  • Adult Non-Fiction: Socio-Economic, Politics, Faith-Based, Memoirs, Biographies
  • Middle-Grade and Young Adult Fiction: MG coming Fall 2014; YA coming Fall 2015.
  • Specialty: Cookbooks, Photography, Business, Art, Music


Illustrated Juvenile Fiction, Salty Splashes Collection

Our seed project enabled Balcony 7 to establish a strong foundation to support future growth. A collaborative effort between the publishing team and author JZ Bingham encompasses our current children’s offerings.

We look forward to initiating our full-fledged author program in 2015. New releases in a variety of genres represent an exciting period of growth for the Balcony 7 content library.



What Readers Want

The origins of publishing are rooted in transcribing the stories of our predecessors. To this day, the art of weaving a message into a story is the most effective way to get a point across; whether it be disseminating a new concept, reiterating history, or introducing a work of fiction.

Readers want stories; their choice of books touches on relatable issues and thought-provoking situations. We believe a body of work that is most worthy of being bound and offered to readers offers creative angles that effectively sets the stage for understanding the subject matter.

As our search for new genres continues, the Balcony 7 Team looks for authors with innate storytelling skills, no matter the audience or the subject matter, in fiction or non-fiction.

All Balcony 7 titles feature unique stories with thought-provoking messages . Even our juvenile fiction series offers the value-added of memorable entertainment and wholesome messages.



Embracing The Digital Revolution

Balcony 7 is well-versed in digital platforms and, in fact, our team at Balcony 7 Studios developed this website, as well as that of our children’s series, Salty Splashes Collection, and our first featured author, JZ Bingham.

We are tech geeks, and it would go against the grain of our being to not embrace the potential of digital platforms in today’s publishing industry.

Depending on the content, our creativity focuses on enhancements that reward readers of digital versions with features that elevate the reading experience beyond what the printed book offers.

As evidenced in the digital products for our Salty Splashes cartoon stories, we are not afraid to jump into ebooks, both regular and read-to-me, as well as audiobooks; offering them almost concurrently with the print release of our titles, when possible.

Schools, Libraries, Parents: These Are Great Reading Tools! Visit our Digital Page to learn why.

As our company grows, this aspect of content dissemination will increasingly play a larger role. Our sights are set on even more specialized niches of digital versions, including reading apps and subscription-based sales.

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Advertising Is In Our DNA

Decades of advertising experience give Balcony 7 an edge in targeted marketing and creative advertising campaigns that build the brands of our series and our authors. Here are some examples that explain our strengths:

  • Fresh Perspective
  • Lean and Flexible
  • In-House Ad Design
  • Brand-Building Expertise
  • In-House Social Media

As publishers, we know how to utilize words and images to effectively communicate our message. By nurturing our titles from the ground up, we accumulate a deep understanding of all our books, a key ingredient in effective advertising.

Learn more about how we support our titles and brands, for the benefit of Booksellers, Libraries, Schools, Retailers, Wholesalers, and International partners.


Our Debut Genre

Our Award Winning Cartoon Series

Salty Splashes Logo

Fresh and Fun

Meet The Salty Splashes

The creation of this cartoon world reflects destiny mixed with a passionate vision. What started out as a sleepy chapter book was revamped to become a series of cartoon adventures told in rhyming fiction. Once this evolution started, content creation took on a life of its own. Please read Our Story, for a comprehensive timeline of developments, challenges, and our vision for the exciting future awaiting Salty Splashes.

A growing cast of characters, each with their own unique personality, offers boys and girls of all ages a refreshing world of humor and lovable cartoons. Each title introduces new characters, and each story offers a positive message with numerous, embedded talking points adults have grown to appreciate, and to which children can relate.

We invite you to meet the entire cartoon cast and read their colorful bios at Help spread the word about our wholesome cartoon series by visiting Salty Splashes Collection on Facebook. Join over 25,000 fans from around the world by giving these hard-working characters a Like and a Share.

Salty Splashes Page
Our Spotlight Toon ~ Kat!


What Becomes A Cartoon Most?

Learn More About The Series
Salty Splashes Collection

We Are All Born Illiterate

A Child’s Success Begins With Literacy

Let Their Minds Soar With Words

Allow Them To Explore With Books
Prepare Them For A Solid Future


Literacy and Charity

These are two very important facets underscoring our belief in corporate responsibility. While the business of publishing remains capital-intensive, and profits are the lifeblood of continuity, there will always remain an undercurrent of higher-purpose at Balcony 7.

  • We are all born illiterate. Introducing a child to the benefits of reading, at the earliest possible age, helps reduce the shockingly high prevalence of illiteracy in the world.
  • Our children’s genre is deliberately written with the intent to attract young eyes and minds to the joy of reading.
  • Did you know children who are not reading-proficient by grade four stand a much higher chance of being left behind, leading to higher drop-out rates and the repercussions that follow?
  • Children suffering from illness, abandonment, and poverty, are never far from our hearts and minds at Balcony 7. We have begun relationships with a handful of charitable organizations who help elevate children above hardship and propel them toward a life of opportunity they greatly deserve.
  • A percentage of our standing inventory of  children’s books will be donated annually toward chosen organizations.

Corporate responsibility is a reflection of who we are at Balcony 7. By offering products targeting the youngest among us, we do our part to enhance the future for all of us.

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This is the Go-To Page for those looking for exciting new additions to their shelves, with all you need to know about about our growing series of juvenile fiction and exciting new genres in the works for 2014 and beyond.

  • Distribution information for U.S. and Canada, as well as international opportunities for licensing, translations, film and television.
  • Front list and backlist, including metadata and a synopsis of each title.

Meet The Salty Splashes

Find out why kids and adults all over the world are falling in love with our original cartoon stories. Here’s an eye-popping overview of our characters and current releases, available in print, digital and audio formats. Complete metadata on all titles is available on the Trade Services pages and on

Learn More About Us

A little history about how we started and what drives us. Meet the team behind our titles and discover why now is an exciting time to get to know Balcony 7 Media and Publishing.

Please join us on Social Media for news, updates, author events, trade show events and more.

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