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December 2013

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Digital Book World QED Gold Seal for Salty Splashes Ebooks

December 2013

Santa Barbara, CA: Digital Book World QED Gold Seal Awarded to Salty Splashes Ebooks

Salty Splashes Collection Ebooks and Read To Me Ebooks receive the Digital Book World QED Gold Seal of Approval. QED stands for for Quality, Excellence and Design. It’s the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for ebooks and enhanced ebooks.

All recipients of the QED have passed a thorough, independent 13-point quality assurance test across multiple formats and devices. Developed by Digital Book World, with support from leading ebook retailers and industry associations, the QED is a signal to the readers of ebooks that the book will render beautifully on any screen on which they are chosen to be read.

Digital Book World (DBW) started as a conference to address the radically changing commercial publishing environment. It has since evolved into a year-round platform offering educational and networking resources for consumer publishing professionals and their partners. Their informative annual conference in New York City is widely attended and often news-breaking. DBW also offers monthly WEBcasts, articles, research and white papers for professionals in the publishing industry.

Digital Book World QED for Salty Splashes eBooksSalty Splashes Read To Me Ebooks offer full-on audio productions and word light-up; excellent reading tools for beginning and intermediate readers. Available for iOS and Nook devices, Salty Splashes enhanced ebooks have cartoon voice overs and continuous sound effects that play with automatic read-aloud and page-turn.

Developed with Aptara Corp., these books also offer synchronized word light-up as the audio plays, offering EduTainment at its finest: Phonics and Word Recognition make learning to read easier. Salty Splashes cartoon adventure stories make learning to read fun and state-of-the-art.

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