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Author-Tips-A Manuscript and a Plan by-Balcony-7

Author Tips: A Manuscript and A Plan

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After experiencing several years of working with authors in a variety of genres—those we published and many more we passed on—we recognize a consistent theme borne from an outdated view of the publishing process and, at times, a misconception about what is expected from an author and what is the role of a publisher. Many…

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Editing for Multiple Authors: Case Study

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Four Authors, One Book: A Nightmare, Or A Dream? by Jasmine Bingham As a securities analyst for many years on Wall Street, I’m not easily intimidated. With an extensive background in financial writing, and having to learn the ins and outs of technical jargon in order to understand a company’s business, analyze it, and write…

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Families dealing with terminal brain cancer, Mindy Elwell in Defy & Conquer

Families Dealing With Terminal Brain Cancer: My Story

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One of the most heartbreaking aspects of being stricken with terminal brain cancer is telling your family, especially your children. It’s been over three years since that terrible day when I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Grade 3). My husband, Rich, learned about it in a phone call from me, just as he was about…

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Mindy Elwell, Defy & Conquer, Terminal Brain Cancer-2

My Fight Against Terminal Brain Cancer

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When a doctor looks you in the eye and tells you a malignant tumor is growing in your brain, your world instantly changes. That’s exactly what happened to me. And my world today is almost unrecognizable from that day in early 2012. They predicted I would probably not make it past eighteen months. But I’ve…

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Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers, Business Wisdom

Vince Lombardi Quotes, How He Inspired His Packers

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Football season is here and, for me, that means the Green Bay Packers and memories of Vince Lombardi will add a punch of inspiration to my non-stop work week. Many an entrepreneur has been motivated by Vince Lombardi quotes; they’re timeless and inspired his Packers to great feats I’ll never forget. Memories dating back to…

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Foreword Reviews Preteen Novel Piranhas Like S’mores: 5 Stars

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Foreword Reviews: Juvenile Fiction Piranhas Like S’mores JZ Bingham Balcony 7 Media and Publishing 978-1-939454-26-3 Pub Date: November 4, 2014       Piranhas Like S’mores will strike a chord with all readers as it portrays life events that are as funny as they are sad.   Inside Piranhas Like S’mores by JZ Bingham, young…

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Three A's Signaling A Mental Checkout-2

Three A’s Signaling A Mental Checkout

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by Jasmine Bingham A strong team has members who do their job well. When someone falls out of sync, it disrupts the entire project. Sometimes it’s unintentional, merely a transition issue. Other times, it’s very intentional, signaling a mental checkout. How would you know the difference? I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum. I…

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Channel Blue by JZ Bingham, 5 Stars Foreword Reviews Juvenile Fiction

Foreword Reviews Juvenile Fiction: 5 Stars For Channel Blue

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  Foreword Reviews Juvenile Fiction Channel Blue: Riders of the Storm by JZ Bingham | Jason Buhagiar, Illustrator Balcony 7 Media and Publishing 978-1-939454-07-2 Pub Date: April 30, 2014     Pulled in by standout illustrations, kids are introduced to life lessons such as perseverance, sportsmanship, and overcoming adversity. For once, judging a book by its…

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Business Lessons from the Red Queen, Randy Morkved, Balcony 7

Business Lessons from the Red Queen

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by Randy Morkved Business, like chess, is a game of strategy in which the pieces are alive and in constant motion. To play this game well, we should remember the Red Queen, the chess piece that comes to life in Lewis Carroll’s, Through The Looking-Glass. She reveals to Alice, in the looking glass world, one…

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Business Fears, The Most Offputting F-Word in Business, Jasmine Bingham, Balcony 7

Business Fears: The Most Off-Putting F-Word

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by Jasmine Bingham The F-Word that can stop you in your tracks is not literally profane, but it certainly has a way of bringing profanity to mind. Tangible fear justifiably puts our instincts on high alert. Fear, on the other hand, is often comprised of gray matter. Nevertheless, it can be just as dangerous and…

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