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Author-Tips-A Manuscript and a Plan by-Balcony-7

Author Tips: A Manuscript and A Plan

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After experiencing several years of working with authors in a variety of genres—those we published and many more we passed on—we recognize a consistent theme borne from an outdated view of the publishing process and, at times, a misconception about what is expected from an author and what is the role of a publisher. Many…

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Trial Magazine Review Civil Jury Trials by Tyler Draa et al

Trial Magazine Reviews Civil Jury Trials, The Book

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Copyright American Association for Justice. Reprinted with permission of Trial (May 11, 2016), formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA®) From A to Z: A Comprehensive Guide to Trials Representing a client before a jury is complex and challenging. Enter Tyler Draa, Doris Cheng, Maureen Harrington, and Judge Franklin Bondonno (visit Their book, Mastering the…

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Demetrius-Minor-Navigates Fractured Political Lanscape, Preservation and Purpose

Demetrius Minor Navigates A Fractured Political Landscape

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JZ Bingham: JZB | Demetrius Minor: DM   JZB: A year ago, Preservation and Purpose, your millennial manifesto, was published, putting your transformation from young democrat to millennial republican on full display for readers, and backing it up with numerous reasons. Between the main points you discuss in your book, namely: faith, family and politics,…

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JAG The Reporter Reviews Civil Jury Trials by Tyler Draa et al

JAG The Reporter: Book Review, by Thomas G. Becker

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W hen my son was a defendant in personal injury litigation about 16 years ago, his lawyer—actually, the insurance company’s lawyer—prepared him for the process as follows: “Look, we’re going to do a Kabuki dance for a few months, and then we’re going to settle for sixty-K.” The lawyer’s prediction was spot on. About ten…

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Joshua Russell KBAY Interview Little Boy Soup

KBAY Radio San Jose Interviews Author Joshua Russell

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Author Joshua Russell had his first official interview on February 15, 2015, for “Little Boy Soup” with 94.5 KBAY Radio San Jose, California, with host Sam Van Zandt, talking up illustrator Mollie Hillmann and Balcony 7 Media and Publishing. A candid interview recounting the conceptual phase of a new children’s bath time book, inspired by…

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Little Boy Soup by Joshua Russell and Amalia Hillmann

Artist Interview: Amalia Hillmann, Little Boy Soup

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Balcony 7 is proud to present Little Boy Soup, a delightful new bath time book by Joshua Russell, illustrated with a contemporary approach by Amalia Hillmann. The following Q&A with Ms. Hillmann expands on her process and is accompanied by numerous images provided by her as she completed the project. B7: Balcony 7 | AH:…

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Business Fiction for the 21st Century

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By Ann Bridges   According to popular community reader site Goodreads, “Business Fiction and Thrillers” is a growing genre, featuring books with plots driven by business issues and characters that are executives, managers, directors, employees, or investors. And why not? Eighty percent or more of the population works for private enterprise for most of their…

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FLORIDA-BAR-JOURNAL-REVIEWS Civil Jury Trials by Tyler Draa et al

Florida Bar Journal Reviews Civil Jury Trials

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Florida Bar Journal Review, Mastering the Mechanics of Civil Jury Trials, December 2015 Reviewed by Barbara Ballard Woodcock One of the first things learned in law school is that over the past several decades, the number of civil cases going to jury trials have sharply decreased. A natural result of the decline in cases going…

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Rare Earths novel Rare Mettle by Ann Bridges

Whoever Thought Rare Earths Could Be Sexy and Fun?

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by Ann Bridges   Whoever thought rare earth could be sexy and fun? I did! But then I’m a big fan of international suspense novels as a way to learn about complex issues. Inspired by China’s 2010 embargo of rare earth, I decided to write Rare Mettle to explore the broad set of questions surrounding…

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CMC Magazine reviews Civil Jury Trials by Tyler Draa et al

CMC Magazine Reviews Civil Jury Trials

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Featured in Claremont McKenna College Magazine (Winter 2016) What to Expect in the Courtroom Where do I stand? How should I address the bench? Tyler Draa ’78 offers valuable help to young lawyers in his new book on trial procedure. By Tom Johnson Tyler G. Draa (’78), had one simple purpose in mind when writing…

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