"...connects the generations—Boomers to X to Y to Z..." —Dr. Aleveda King

Preservation and Purpose

"...one of those young conservative 'Guardians of the Republic..." — Lt. Col. Allen West

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In America, I believe we are at a critical juncture … The struggles we now face touch not only millennials but all generations, and in multiple layers that are deeply personal. —Demetrius Minor

After an extensive career as a radio and television talk show host, former White House intern, political activist and Christian minister, Minor embarks on a mission to spread the message of the Millennial Minority, a largely overlooked group to which he identifies.

Preservation and Purpose offers insight into the making of a young millennial within the context of deeply entrenched peer pressure, racial and political divides.

From this basis emerges a passionate manifesto, unapologetically discussing the three most sensitive issues of all time: Faith, Family, and Politics.

Allow this dynamic millennial to spark an all-inclusive debate addressing the most important issues of our lifetime, affecting all Americans: Highly recommended as a Young Adult demographic study. 

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An impassioned catalyst hoping to inspire many other voices whose passion runs silent.

Praise and Endorsements

“Demetrius Minor’s book, Preservation and Purpose, gives the reader a renewed hope in knowing the greatest days of our Constitutional Republic lie ahead. Demetrius is a self- proclaimed member of the millennial minority—those holding the time honored beliefs in faith, family, freedom, constitutional conservative governance, and American exceptionalism. His is a long-awaited testimony that elevates a voice the progressive, socialist, mainstream media seeks to silence—instead, his reigns stentorian. I am honored to endorse Demetrius’ book and know that he is one of those young conservative ‘Guardians of the Republic’ to whom I will gladly pass on the torch and beacon of liberty. Demetrius is a sentinel who will take his post upon freedom’s rampart and his book, Preservation and Purpose, evidences his commitment to do so.”

“In this moving memoir and dynamic call to action, Demetrius bares his soul—revealing his deepest beliefs, life experiences, and profound faith in God—with great courage and grace. What comes shining through is his love for his family, his faith, and his country. He gives me hope for America’s future.”

“In ‘Preservation and Purpose,’ Demetrius Minor laments the ‘increasingly dark’ state of America and calls on his fellow Millennials to step up and take the leading role in steering this nation back to the traditional values of faith, family, and country that have made it great and unique. It is a courageous and optimistic manifesto for young adults–calling on them to reject the paralyzing plagues of victimhood, apathy, and complacency, and to take control of their own destiny by working to recapture America’s glory and usher in a period of long-overdue renewal.”

“Preservation and Purpose, by Demetrius Minor, will be a tremendous inspiration, motivator, and encouragement for all generations, especially for millennials. It is a must-read!” Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. (R-GA 10th District) “Speaking boldly and standing for truth and righteousness, Demetrius and his unique take on the future of this country will restore hope and inspire you to take action.”

“Demetrius Minor is a bold, fresh voice on the political scene. Preservation and Purpose is an inspiring memoir that pays tribute to faith, family, and freedom. This book is a must-read for young, independent-minded Millennials—and those who seek to understand them.”

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Pub Date: April 28, 2015
Editor: JZ Bingham
Hardcover: 978-1-939454-27-0 | SRP $21.95
Softcover: 978-1-939454-28-7 | SRP $16.95
Ebook: 978-1-939454-36-2 (ePub & Kindle) | SRP $9.99
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5,” 130 pages
BISAC: Autobiography, Faith, Politics & State, Social Science, Demography
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About The Author

Former White House intern Demetrius Minor had an extensive career on the air: “He Said, She Said,” co-host with Stacy Washington, Internet Channel; “Points of Interest,” with Joey Traina, Comcast Cable, Augusta, GA; “Major Points with D. Minor,” WNRR 1380AM, South Carolina; Powers To The People, co-host with Tony Powers, WNRR 1380AM. Minor is a graduate of Georgia Military College and a member of the National Advisory Council of Project 21, a black leadership network. He currently resides in Georgia, where he also serves God at Calvary New Life Tabernacle.