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Ann Bridges hits a bulls-eye in exposing potential devastation when myopic policies and corporate greed are blind-sided by a mighty adversary focused on world domination.

The sequel to debut Private Offerings, Rare Mettle is a no-holds-barred depiction of a modern-day reality: America’s reliance on China’s processing of a core ingredient for high-tech devices and state-of-the-art military weaponry.

When the supply of rare earths is deliberately halted, economic chaos ensues, igniting a race to take back control, led by a monumental collaboration of unlikely partners—high-tech innovators and covert government agents—the only parties who realize the lethal potential of this new world order.

Who possesses the courage and conviction to bulldoze the status quo of government denial and political posturing when China finally decides to flex its political muscle and limit exports of rare earth?

Bridges exposes our (potentially real-life) Achilles Heel to great effect.

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Praise for Rare Mettle

Ann Bridges has written a gripping fictional account of a serious real-world problem. Touching on contemporary issues of big-data mining, drones, and human rights, she builds a plausible and frightening story about America’s absolute dependence on Chinese rare earth metals and the head-in-the-sand behavior of Silicon Valley elites and DOD bureaucrats when all the warning signals were flashing red. “Rare Mettle” should serve as both an entertaining read and a cautionary tale about the lengths to which regimes will go to insure their survival.

“Rare Mettle” offers the reader a chilling tale of a scenario which unfortunately has the potential to become reality. Written like a rare earth industry insider, Ann Bridges offers the reader a look inside the workings of the industry set against a suspenseful backdrop of characters caught in a web of political intrigue. Fast paced and energetic, “Rare Mettle” keeps the reader guessing as to the eventual resolution to a problem that threatens the essence of American technology.

Ann Bridges captures the dragon spirit of both Silicon Valley and China—bold, ambitious, and intelligent. With attention to authentic detail, she moves the story through the perspectives of powerful, complex characters, all grappling with universal issues—power and control, love and sex, fear of failure and drive for success. Best yet, she understands how to communicate the delicate balance of two fast-paced cultures, each vying for supremacy in a high-tech, high-pressure world in an entertaining, captivating thriller. My favorite aspects of “Rare Mettle” are the ways she weaves the Chinese traditions and social mores through the story line. Ann Bridges uses a common Chinese idiom as a metaphor for an aging female Chinese politician; describes the odd but revered profession of corpse walker; and challenges the political hypocrisy of women’s rights, environmental regulations, and religious freedoms. Well-researched, it serves as a great introduction to many issues facing America’s relationship to China today and in the future.

I was motivated to read “Rare Mettle” after having read “Private Offerings” by the same author. I’m always been attracted to books taking place in Silicon Valley where I have lived and worked for forty years. Most often non-fiction trumps fiction. Ann Bridges’ stories, however, tend to be fast paced, full of twists and turns and feature good guys who are not always good and bad guys who are not always bad. One thing is certain, the author does her homework. In the context of a Venture Capital play book, behind the scenes of public diplomacy between the U.S. and China, and very sensitive and real issues like control of Rare Earth Elements, Bridges writes like she has “walked the walk.” Her protagonists become likable despite serious flaws and questionable personal agendas. The pace of the action keeps you turning the pages. In the end the problems are solved…almost. You are left wondering if complete resolution will be found in the next book or tomorrow’s newspaper.

“Rare Mettle” is as fast-paced and exciting as a Dan Brown thriller, and kept me glued to the story to the very end. Ann Bridges delivers a very believable characterization of Chinese politics, plus mimics the behind-the scenes maneuvering of business dealings, too. A quick read, even for a very slow reader.

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Pub Date: May 19, 2016
Publisher: Balcony 7 Media and Publishing
Editor: JZ Bingham
Hardcover: 978-1-939454-64-5 | SRP $26.99
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Ebook: 978-1-939454-76-8 (epub) 978-1-939454-77-5 (Kindle) | SRP $14.99
HC Trim Size: 6″ x 9″ 416 pages
BISAC: Espionage, International Mystery & Crime, Action & Adventure, Suspense
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About The Author

ANN BRIDGES is a Chicago native who fell in love with Silicon Valley while earning her B.S. degree from Stanford University. Settling in San Jose, she embarked on a dynamic executive career spanning operations, finance, and marketing amidst the dynamic convergence of the technology, communications and entertainment industries. Years of intimate business experience earned in the male-dominated world of Silicon Valley form the foundation of Ms. Bridges’ new series of addictive, intelligent fiction.