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Foreword Reviews Juvenile Fiction: 5 Stars for Dreamy Drums

Foreword Reviews Juvenile Fiction
Dreamy Drums: Trouble in Paradise
JZ Bingham
Balcony 7 Media and Publishing
Pub Date: November 1, 2013



Fun illustrations and animal characters, combined with a pleasing rhyming scheme, make this a book that parents and children will want to read over and over again.

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Dreamy Drums, Trouble in Paradise, is a high-quality, eye-catching, colorful picture book with a cast of animal characters that children will enjoy. The first book in the Salty Splashes Collection™, this book introduces a cast of animal pals and the hijinks they get themselves into. From Sammy, the young puppy learning the family rules, to a day spent at the beach with his sister Kat and friends, the group manages to fall asleep on a small boat and drift off in a storm until they beach at an island.

JZ Bingham’s rhyming text excels at using both prose and spoken words to define the characters’ personalities, such as when Kat dreams of being back to the only child, thinking, “She imagined ‘Prisoner Sammy’/ and she grinned from ear to ear.” The rhyme is simple to moderate, good for lower elementary school students.

There is an abundance of text in Dreamy Drums, some pages having five stanzas—quite a bit for a thirty-two-page picture book. There is one logic error: when Sammy learns the rules, he discovers that he has some ‘no-nos’ hidden in his room that he needs to put in a bag and hide, but in the list of his rules, there is nothing noted that would make sense to bag, hide, or keep. The book gets part of its title from a picturesque stanza: “The thunder claps were distant, dreamy drums in their heads.”

Dreamy Drums, Trouble in Paradise, of the Salty Splashes Collection, has an ensemble of fun animal characters written in a rhyming scheme that parents and children will want to read over and over again.

Illustrator Curt Walstead has drawn cartoon characters that fit the personalities Bingham created for them. According to the book’s introduction, Walstead hand-drew the illustrations onto Balcony 7 Studios storyboard designs. His illustrations are fun and colorfully bright, with movement, direction, and appropriate amount of details. Walstead has an impressive resume, including Dragon Tales, Men in Black, Dora the Explorer, and Go Diego Go, just to name a few.

The cover illustration is eye-catching, with emotion on the characters’ faces during the storm. The title is printed large and bold at the top, with the author’s and illustrator’s names at the bottom. The book is a durable hardcover with dust jacket with quality paper inside. There are one or two pages where part of the illustration and storyboard seem slightly fuzzy, but it doesn’t affect the overall feel of the book.

Beth VanHouten




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Enhanced Audio eBooks for Kids: Salty Splashes Cartoons

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Enhanced Audio eBooks for Kids

With Word Light-Up, Continuous Sound Effects and Voiceovers
SALTY SPLASHES CARTOONS, with Voiceovers by: Author JZ Bingham and Voice Actor Shawn Willms


Kids and adults love adventure, humor, sound effects and great visuals. We’ve got that. During the inception of Salty Splashes books and ebooks, the elements of fiction and art began to take shape in a balanced way, each component complementing the other. We didn’t want to restrict this creative growth by commanding a set, traditional format. We let the format develop organically. The result was a combination of words, voice over, sound effects and pictures that captivates kids and adults alike. We don’t know many people who don’t like cartoons or books; but we also didn’t realize just how many people would be so enamored by this very natural concept.

It seems the simplest things, done well, can be very powerful, indeed.

This natural concept is: Movies On Paper. The best of both worlds. Entertainment and education. ( Edutainment) Screenplays with storyboards. They grab the attention of children and adults, and they compel them to read. What can be better than that? This: When adults like the concept, they’re more willing to engage with their children in the powerful act of reading together.

If ever there was a good time to use an over-used cliche, this would be it: It’s A Win-Win Situation.



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